Thursday 6 December 2007


The short honest answer is "no".

The longer answer starts something like this:

The methods and strategies are simple once you know how.

You can make good money 2 ways in AM.

[1] Have deep pockets and blow tens of thousands on PPC before you learn the ropes.

[2] Gain access to the secrets of instant and highly profitable FREE organic SEO....

The majority of guys I know who earn, lets say, over £20k per week do so primarily from PPC, and believe me, it pains them to spend 1p, even for those returns.

I know smaller players who started spending £20 a week on PPC and grew it to £2000 per day very quickly. Once you know how not to fail at PPC it's just a case of expanding what you're doing.

It's also possible to very quickly build 5p a day commission into £500 a day from free SEO, you just need to know how.

Either way, I'm sorry to tell you, you either spend 17 years learning on the "free forums" or you get a lucky break.

For the attention of any unwelcome Nancy Boy numpties still here, that lucky break may just be in an info product you buy. If it isn't get your money back. There's only one loser I can see in the "info product" quandary. The Nancy Boy.

More coming soon on the Affi Blog....