Saturday 1 December 2007


Guys, Iv'e made it clear that the only reasons I am helping you are these:

[1] It's more challenging helping Numpties than it is making money.

[2] To stop you annoying me.

What is apparent, when it comes to making PROFIT from xmas traffic, in your emails is that you really haven't got a clue.

Mistake No. 1 - Many of you are bidding on GENERIC Christmas terms like "best christmas toys". On top of this you are spending too much time creating similar keywords/phrases.

YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME and are millimetres away from the real money.

The problem is with big generic christmas keyword lists is POOR quality score. Don't cry to me about "google slap this" and "google slap that" - you are going about it WRONG.

Big generic keyword lists will ALWAYS result in poor QS unless you create a seperate ad for each keyword/phrase.

If you want to bid "generic" (which I wouldn't) just pick a couple of big searched ones and create

[1] An ad with the term in it.

[2] A landing page (I've told you a million times how to do this in minutes) loaded with the keyword and some HAND CRAFTED image/links to John Lewis, Woolworths,, HMV, Toys R Us etc. Not forgetting Amazon!!! Amazon is the best place to land Christmas traffic. Why? Because Amazon is LIGHT YEARS ahead of anyone else at increasing basket size. Your click-throughs will BUY MORE at Amazon than anywhere else. Simple as that. (Not forgetting the minimum 5% commission also Numpty).

The method I am about to outline below is converting sales at Amazon for me at 21%. That is fuc*kin GINORMOUS.

This should not take you more than 1 hour per product. There are around 200 products I can think of in half a nano second off the top of my head...

[1]Create a landing page.

[2]Include John Lewis, Woolworths,, HMV, Toys R Us, Amazon. (Just those 6). These images must SHOUT "click here for the best Christmas deals" or some similar crap.

Right. [3] Pick a popular toy. Under your 6 images write 14 lines of text about the toy. Be sure to include the TOY NAME minimum 4 times. If you want, make one of these "toy names" a text link - a deep link to the toy on AMAZON.

[4]Start PPC on the [TOY NAME] use [these]. Don't worry about a big list of keywords just bid on the [toy name] and maybe a couple of variations of said name.

Do this for 10 toys, so 10 adwords campaigns. For God's sake don't start your campaign ads until you have got the text on your landing page.

Once they are running - then if you want to maximise PROFIT spend the weekend creating an image with a picture of each product you are featuring at THE CHEAPEST supplier - ensure your image says "iggle fu*kin piggle is CHEAPEST AT "where ever"".

TIME IS NOW OF THE ESSENCE. I am making about £1.5k per day doing this from about 10 products (what with multi-buys etc) which I started running 9 weeks ago, I don't even look at the PPC because it is costing a MAXIMUM of £85 a day! What with all the other stuff we've got going I've got cash coming out of my y-fronts. Don't believe me? I really couldn't give a toss.

Stop e mailing me and JFDI. I almost had to cut my tanning session short to post this...