Thursday 4 September 2008

Who Gives a Sh*t


The Affiliate Outlaw Guide has been a phenomenal success yet I am still getting bombarded with begging requests from people who can't afford £320 quid or whatever it costs.

Use this code YEAH77 if you are broke here: Affiliate Outlaw Guide and you'll get a 4 month installment (you pay the rest in 4 months and 8 months).

THIS program is your ticket to start earning serious money within 1 month. Ah F*** IT. I don't wanna sound like I need the money, I'll move on...

I am releasing a limited number of places on a course about EXACTLY how I made £50k + in December 07 from FREE XMAS traffic.

If you are on my list you'll get notified of it anyway.

If you are NOT on my FREE article e mail list drop me a mail to affiliate[@] and stop being a numpty around about the time you get the first freebie...

For now, I'm off down the George & Dragon to grab the bar maid's arse...