Saturday 28 June 2008

Deeplinks & PPC For Tits Article

Deeplinks & PPC For Tits Article (31st June)

Yo sh*t for brains,

Before I get down to YOUR business, make fu*king sure you are still checking the email address you are signed up to my newsletter list with.

THIS MONDAY the FRE.E PPC article of all articles gets mailed out. (if your not sure about your subscribed email address - send me a mail to affiliate [@] with "free articles please" in the subject line.

The amount of improvement across the board from guys on my list has been staggering. One "Nu" (very promoted) has achieved over 21,000 UV's in only his second month for a product that is so low on competition I almost went at it myself (but that just wouldn't be fair)...

Anyways buckle up and pay fu*king attention.

The >>**free**<< FEED TOOL for creating cross network deeplinks in seconds will be available next week (so Captain Geeko advises me - so it will probably be Christmas). 30 seconds to create an account, 1 minute to add your network i.d.'s, 10 seconds to type in something like "xbox consoles", 1 second to hit "search", half a nano second for 238 deeplinks, with your affiliate id's and click refs embedded, a few days for you to sit there stunned to realise how much >>**TIME**<< this is going to save you. And it's 100% FREE...

Also. If I can be arsed I'll hit the mail list button on Monday and send you the latest article. This is about some fundamental PPC stuff and especially about getting 100% quality score consistently (also what to do if you haven't paid enough attention and get slapped).

Anyway - thats mailed out from Monday. If you are not on my list (i.e. you have not sent me a mail to affiliate [@] saying in no more than one word why you love me) please fu*king leave it that way. I'm too busy being annoyed by the current lot...

You love me!