Wednesday 5 December 2007


On the whole "no", but let me dispell some Numpty myths...

The one thing that really pis*es me off is the Nancy Clancy's who tell the newbies "don't waste your money... there are plenty of free resources like this where you can learn everything you need to know..."

Who TF do they think they are? They probably can't even afford to buy a $39 e book. That's the fu*kin reality of it.

Allow me to explain what's going down here. These Nancy Boys who are "info product phobic" know fu*k all about anything. They get some peverse sense of "authority" from "giving advice" any advice just for the sake of it. They haven't got the faintest idea.

On one hand you have a newbie who is just starting out. He, or she, is fresh. They are keen to get started. Let them fu*kin buy an e book. If they buy it on Click Bank (or most other places for that matter) they get their money back immediately with ZERO questions. That's right. It's a strict condition of the contract between CB and the seller that any requests for refunds are honoured without question. The seller doesn't even have a choice. CB make the refund from a reserve which is held on the sellers account.

Let me be clear about something else. There is a hell of a lot of SH*T on Click Bank. However, here we are talking about AM not fuc*in diet loss programs or "how to win with the ladies" (that's my department). No, we are interested in AM.

So let's say our newbie sees a sales page/letter and thinks "hmmm that seems intersting" and they buy it.

[1] Something clicks and they've got value for money. (Could be life changing).

[2] It's sh*t. they claim the refund.

Or, in scenario 2, they take the advice of the Nancy Boys, who don't even earn £20 a month between them, and spend the next 2 years posting and asking stupid fu*king questions all day on forums. Basically they become a Nancy Boy.

The Rich Jerk e book. Last time I looked was around $19 (£10). ANY newbie will learn more in 2 hours from reading it than they would from 2 years on a forum. Fuc*in period.

Day Job Killer. If the tag is below $49 BUY it, 10% of it is worth £25. Period. The other 90% is nothing short of waffle.

Affiliate Rockstar Status: Is sh*t. Period.

Google Snatch - again it's worth spending £30 if the price drops that low, infact nah fu*k it it's actually worth £50.

Now. I recently met a guy on the Warrior Forum (USA) who lives in the UK. He'd written a small e book about his experience. He was trying to sell it for £10. If he had posted that on a4u he would have been crucified. I bought his e book to help him out and show some support. It is worth £200 to any newbie in mho.

So if you are thinking about buying an e book because some sales page has made some promises you are semi-intrigued by. BUY THE FU*KING THING. If it's crap press "refund".

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