Thursday 5 March 2009


So I'm staying mid week in the 5 Star Kraznapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam and I ask my short skirted secretary to check me some prices for the weekend as I'd hooked up with some Ukranian lap dancer in the Red Light Quarter.

Miss P, comes back to me with "has it got to be the Krasnapolski or will any 5 star do in the center of Amsterdam?"

"Why you ask me that" I retort?

Anyway to cut to the Lorraine Chase - she explains about this "Top Secret Hotels" thing on Last Minute .com where you are assured a Five Star hotel in the Center BUT you don't know which it is until it's booked.


These 5 Star Hotels have a deal with Last where they can fill 5 Star rooms for peanuts WITHOUT losing face by being named directly on the site.

The Krasnapolsky is on the "list" so you can actually save about £200 off the normal prices by taking a risk on a "Top Secret Hotel" - It's £138 for Friday and Saturday*

*It cost me more than that to Park the Aston in the Car Park, but don't mention that on your sales page.

So The Sales Page... Create a landing page explaining how "Top Secret Hotels" works on Last -

Check out Search Volumes on "hotel rembrandt" (some expensive 2 star)

Explain that even though YOU ARE LOOKING FOR (say) THE REMBRANDT - WHICH IS ONLY 2 STAR you can book a Top Secret Hotel at Last Minute .com and though you WON'T get the 2 Star you are looking for you WILL get a central 5 star (!!!) hotel - way better AND WAY CHEAPER than the one you are looking for...

PPC Bid* on the Hotel Name E.G. "hotel rembrandt" or go for SEO by being a bit Grey hat and regsitering a variation of the Hotel name in a domain. Apply my usual OPSEO stuff and away you go.

*Refer to my Low Cost PPC article.