Tuesday 1 January 2008


Dear Numpty,

This website has got fu*k all to do with numpty "info products", "e-books" or good ol' Affi tryin to sell you anything. It is here, it is free and it is about real products, real merchants and real networks such as Affiliate Doubler Trade Window, hic, and all the rest of em...

Many topics I cover here are elaborated on in a number of mind blowing articles. These you can request for free. Have them mailed out to you in sequence to make grasping the detail easier and numpty-proof. The articles include:

SEO the Affi way. This will blow you away and works for any website/niche.

PPC for peanuts that converts very profitably. The way I do this goes totally against what numpties will tell you on forums.

Bedtime Reading - Some really hot sh*t.

To receive these for ZILCH drop me a mail saying, in no more than 1 word, why you love me. (tip: "because" has been done before and has worn thin) e mail to: affiliate [a] bethere .co .uk