Tuesday 1 January 2008


Alright, I'm assuming you're not a Nancy Boy and you can see through all the crap so many struggle with on forums.

Free traffic from SEO is an absolute piece of p*ss. I could get ANY keyword to number 1 in 3 months. Any. White hat 100%. (I focus on ones which take hours).

When I say "any word" of course there are some exceptions. I may struggle and run over the 3 months, maybe up to 3 and a half, to get to number 1 for "Google" or "adobe" but bring on "cheap holidays" and/or "bad credit" any fuc*in day of the week. 3 months maximum.

It's not these "big" keywords we're interested in. No. We're talking stuff that's "massive" and a bit "nichey". And the way I get page 1 or number 1 on Google in days totally goes against common theory. The one thing I obviously did in a bit more depth than everyone else was read the fuc*kin Google small print!

So I get massive keywords to the top like lightning...

The reason you don't know how is because for too long you've believed all the cr*p on the forums that "forums" and other free resources are the easiest way to learn the game.

Well, here's Affi p*ssing on their fire. BOLLOCKS. [kerching]

The reason you don't know how is because no one like me has told you how. Or you have not bought an e book that tells you how. Don't fu*king panic [kerching] I'm not going to charge you for this.

Free traffic (and PPC quality score for that matter - the Google-slap is a load of crap) is all about TEXT, TEXT, TEXT. And more TEXT.

Listen up.

I am numero uno on Google for one of the biggest selling products in history (and it aint wan*y consoles).

At present it is out of stock everywhere but I am collecting 400 plus email addresses per day on my "email notification" system. Four fu*kin hundred a day.

Each sales is worth £13.00.

Now the reason I am numero uno is because of our little friend.

Text. [kerching]

Not PR (it's PR = 1)

Not High [kerching] PR inbound links.

And most definitely not because I update the content every day - that is a good Google SERP killer. Trust me. Change 1 fu*king word at the wrong time and you can plummet 20 places.

It makes me cringe with despair when I read on a forum "make sure you regularly update your content". Jesus wept. These people really have not got a clue what they are talking about and they are telling "newbies" to commit serp suicide.

When you launch a new site you should never launch it until it is complete. The way you blast it up Google is all built-in before you go live other than some pure genius Affi-stuff you do off-site.

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