Tuesday 1 January 2008


This Affiliate Marketing blog is targeted at non Nancy Boy beginners.

If you are a Nancy Boy with negative tendencies please f*ck off now.

Affi... a4u lunatic or genius? You either love him or hate him. Either way I don't give a rats ass.

My posts are straight and honest, simple as that.

I have been asked many times, by PM and email to help people.

This made me realize one thing. Beginners or "newbies" like YOU are working very hard but you are wasting your time. That is, I'm sorry to tell you, the harsh reality.

To add to this you will post on forums like a4u asking:

"Please look at my site and offer feedback"

Now, don't get me wrong. Asking that question on a4u is a no brainer. Of course you should ask it. The guys on there (and even come of the Clancy Nancy Boys) will give you constructive feedback and advice.

Replies may be general, constructive and sound advice about content, title tags, code, navigation, general appearance (normally badly), the niche you are promoting, whatever...

All good and well, but...

What they fail to tell you is that your site is sh*te.

Seriously, newbies exactly like you ask me to look at their sites and I tell them straight. "It's sh*te"

This is by far the biggest occurance.

It's sh*t, but more importantly what are we going to do about it?!

When I say you are wasting your time that is not exactly the case. The one thing from which you will always benefit is the learning process. The learning process of creating your first one or two sh*te sites is the only positive to come out of it. You are learning. The problem is you don't know the secrets or the "tricks", the methods, the niches in which the super affiliates make HUGE killings, day-in-day-out. They Exist. And you are only millimetres away from them without realising it!

I have met, and indeed know a hand full of super affiliates. I am presently working on a project with the Rich Jerk. Now I know at this point some of you are thinking like my 10 year old niece;.. "whatever"... well f*ck off because it's that stupid mentality that I despise. Nancy Boys.

The interesting paradox in all this is that the precise reason RJ was "slightly moved" by my system (any mere mortal is blown into another dimension) is because it is about real products.

Getting back on track...

I know affiliates in the UK who make £10k every day before they get out of bed. In fact I know a man who knows a man who spends £1,000,000 a week on Google Pay Per Click. Don't believe me? I couldn't give a monkeys...

Ok, so you've spent weeks or months creating your pride and joy in the hope of becoming a super affiliate like the mythical characters. But now, Affi has just told you you're site is sh*te... What do we do? I'll come to that later. maybe not today, but for now - this is what you need to understand. How to make money from affiliate marketing