Tuesday 1 January 2008


Read this first if you haven't already done so: Why Fail At Affiliate Marketing

1. Your Site Must Not Be Sh*te.

2. You Need To Be Promoting Something In Demand

3. You Need Sh*t Loads Of Traffic

The solutions to those 3 factors are so mind numbingly simple once you know how.

Let's start with point number 3 assuming you have 1 & 2 covered (I'll cover these shortly).

How to flood your website with traffic. Simple.

You either spend some cash (a budget) on PPC, or you optimize the hell out of your site for organic free search engine traffic.

Let's say your site is about guitar strings. What the f*ckin hell are you doing that for? You've spent 2 months developing a site for guitar strings. Ok they may be in demand but (a) too competitive and (b) you get fu*k all per sale.

Wind back the clock. What if you could have spent that 2 months creating website after website for products or services you never dreamed of. All of which start converting to commission from the outset?

Let's say you only spend 3 hours (I spend 45 minutes) on each site, so you can do 2 a day if you want. And they all start converting from the outset.

I never spend more than 3p per click using this method. NEVER. And I am getting as much as £85 per sale, or selling as many as 60 units of another product per day at £1.25 commission per sale. On top of that at times I convert a sale every 6 clicks. You do the math.

Simple. You just don't know how. You don't know the products.

Random Example Of High Level Numptyness: today I was chatting with a major PPC affiliate about the same product we are promoting on PPC.

He is paying 17p per click for the exact same keyword that I am paying 3p for. He is 1 (ONE) position above me. He is 4th I am 5th. So he is paying 14p more than me. The reason is fixable in 1 minute 30 seconds. And he's a major PPC guy.

Let me tell you. These guys make so much money they can't be arsed with a 90 second bit of "work" to make it even more stealth!

Moving on slightly...

If you knew that the Knagamiki MP3 could get you 200 clicks a day at 2p each (£4) but would convert, say at every 20 clicks at £10 commission each sale. Would that £96 return from £4 a day interest you?

If you knew how to get a website on p1 Google for a given "high volume" keyword in less than 7 days (my record is no. 1 - top - in 12 hours) would you not be chuffed and want more and more?

Let me explain. It is easy. You just don't know how.

Ok Affi, big claims, so why don't you just explain here?

Listen up Tonto. Because there is no way on God's earth I would post that here for FREE for the numpty Nancy Boys.

Simple as that. On top of that I re-opened this fu*kin killer blog to help you. Really. I get so many e mails and PM's and I always try to help, I thought "fu*k it". "Write it down and send it out". It will certainly stop most of you annoying me.

You on the other hand may excel above the numpties and sign up to receive the articles for free; as explained in the first section of the homepage.

The Nancy Boys would never dream of signing up to read the articles because they are paranoid about "Affi" they are paranoid about "info products" or "scams" and would rather advocate "don't waste your money", rather "dear Newbie, welcome, you should spend 17 years trying to learn it on the free forums" methods...

I do not give a rats ass if you sign up to my pure quality free articles. But until the Nancy Boys change their way of thinking there is no way I'm gonna give THEM it here for free.

That demonstrates how stupid that line of thinking is. Forget paying $49 for an info product (with a cast iron nailed to your knackers money back guarantee) they won't even sign up to receive something that could open their eyes like a fully inflated parachute FOR FREE!

The fu*king mind boggles. Nah, hang on. Fu*k it, I'll spend 17 years on the forums asking questions...

Good luck...

Affi... [Kerching]