Wednesday 5 December 2007

A4U Forum

Oh, please allow me to make my opinions about a4u forum crystal clear.

It is a fu*kin good resource. A minefield of ideas and support waiting to explode into your progression.

There are many half decent guys on there, some of whom, offered me help at the begining when I was bored on the beach with nothing better to do than post on there.

I have made very good friends and continue to do so.

My only gripes about the forum are these:

[1] The Numpty Nancy Boys.

[2] Negativity which at times is rife.

My definition of a Nancy Boy: Some half baked tw*t who will burst into negativity (point 2) at the first mention of paying any money for "information".

No, they would rather, very dangerously, advise you to spend the rest of your life getting help on "free resources". Let me explain using a real example.

Some guy posts and says "hey anyone bought 'product y' the new e- book? Is it worth it?"

This is where the fastest of the Nancy Boys will scream at you "no, no, don't do it, where do you live I'll get a taxi no matter what the cost and drive to your house to talk you out of it."

I'm sure you've seen "I'm Alan Partridge" the one where the lunatic fan gets Partridge cornered in his house in a room full of his pictures (some from telephoto lens). And the lunatic has a huge tattoo of good old AP on his back?!

I am fu*kin certain he is one of the Nancy Boys on a4u.

Right. Here's the answer they should give (in short). "If you are half considering buying any info product, look at what it says it will do, does that convey that it is about something (a) you are interested in and (b) something you could do?" They should elaborate... "once you have received the product, if it does not do what it says on the tin, simply use the refund option, which in 90% of cases is instant with no questions asked. It's not fuc*ing rocket science.

Let me briefly cover my All Time A4U Favourite.

Some guy joins the forum and posts something about a "free resource" and "feel free to take a look"....

One of the a4u "experts" (who lost a lot of my previous respect over this) takes a look then posts a reply. In this reply he spots that the guy is actually trying to sell something, in his reply he starts harping on about "spam" and not using the forum to "sell info"... etc blah, fuc*kin blah..

The very NEXT DAY our a4u expert makes a post asking if anyone wants cheap hosting like he's offering a great favour. What's the fu*kin difference? Selling "info", selling "hosting". Please!

More on this soon....

As with regards to "negativity" the answer above will do for now because I'm tryin' to fu*kin retire for the festive season...

Jingle fu*kin bells....