Sunday 1 March 2009

Guys and Ladies,

I just been having a tipple of JD out the back on the lawns and I found myself a little frustrated thinking about a couple of posts I just replied to and tons of others I read all the time.

To put this in perspex here's an example of such a post (fictitious to convey the source of my frustration):

"What's the legal implications of me using a TM in a domain" blah etc blah..."

Here's another one:

"Should I use a - or a no - .net or do you think I should create a site about product x because there are over 15 million results in the SERPS..."

Here's my take on this.

When a pride of lions are homing in on an unsuspecting heard of Antelope and the Lioness has her sights on little cutie-pie 4 month old baby coochie coo new addition...

Do you think she stops and turns to the pride and says "do you think I should rip that little darling to pieces because he's so young, innocent and cute"?

Or, "I'm not going to attack that liite darling because there are 74 other Antelope which is 73 more than me (74 more if you are to suggest Iam an Antelope) which could put me in line for a good beating, plus there are 14 Hyenas lurking in the bushes and maybe they will get him first anyway, ooohhh I so don't know what to do..."

No she rips the little cherub to pieces, maximises her exlpoitation of the opportunity and feeds her family.

HOWEVER, the point is this...

And I base this on my own actions...

Do what you feel comfortable with.

I make thousands a month from bending the "rules" (not to mention my white hat
genius stuff)

And I'm talking stuff that pales TM mumbo jumbo into insignificance.

HOWEVER II, I turn may back on loads of stuff/offers that I am not comfortable with. In effect turning my back on, at times, vast amounts of cash.

I would never shaft a fellow affiliate, I would never damage the hard work of even a
competitor. Just because I am a nice guy and that's what I'm happy with.

If you asked me 18 months ago if I thought using a Bank's TM in a domain was a good
or bad idea I would have said "it's up to you"... "I would"...

Would you look back now and have any regrets?

Stop slowing yourself down by asking too many questions, just get on with it. The fact
you have been thinking about it means you may have spotted an opportunity. Do what
you feel comfortable with.

I was just not wondering what you thought about this...


PS. The one bit that JUST DID slip you by, is the bit where I said I make thousands a month from bending the rules.