Thursday 22 November 2007

Either Way...

Not that I give a fu*k. It has never been my intention to antagonise except where I have been antagonised. (This doesn't apply to Mr Anthony to whom, for reasons only known to me, I am eternally grateful.)

My posting "style" is a mix of me and a mix of "marketing" technique to draw attention. I don't think either of those can be questioned.

It is my aim to draw attention and divide Nancy Boys from Numpties. Numpties is simply my humourous "phrase" for "newbs".

My intention has always been to help numpties. The reason for this is because it started to materialise that that is what I was doing in response to requests for help. It has now become my
hobby, just like MA likes go-karting and flower arranging.

There is no doubt that I have been very succesful in helping numpties. (remember "numpty" is my word for "newbie"). I have helped many numpties gain a sense of direction. I have given many numpties thought provoking ideas and suggestions.

Without these tips, methods and ideas (call them what you will) some of these numpties would still be where they were before I gave them them: going round in circles.

Sure the (a4u) mods are volunteers and sure they do a great job and I do respect that. Sh*t I tried to tone it down! It seems that writing in my own way, a way that is truly reflective of my character, my thoughts and my objectives, is not acceptable.

The column width crap! Give me a f**** break guys. Some geek calls it "Rich jerk Persona Whatever" cr*p. I do it BECAUSE I LIKE TO DO IT AND it's easier to read when you are posting a fair amount in one thread. Sh*t if everyone started doing it I could understand the mods and Sir Matthew flagging it up.

I have brought value to the forum. I think even one of the posts in THE thread backs me up, maybe it's even two.

It's not rocket science, if you are already fairly well established DON'T read my A4U posts. My posts are aimed at helping numpties, the stuff is basic beginners sh*t (that just happens to line my pockets with cash, and will hopefully line theirs). The guys who have a problem here are the guys who already do ok.

They are JEALLOUS of me. Simple as that.

At least I've taken out the time (and a lot of it) to F****G HELP People in a way over an above what is normal.

If getting their attention and giving them sound advice and ideas works better from the odd expletive and narrow columns who GAF?

Do I bring humour to an otherwise humourless forum? Do I help people? Do I spend 2 days a week helping people for FREE? As f**** Churchill says.....